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Our Mission, Vision & Values.


Our mission is to manufacture high-quality products that are accessible to everybody, and to provide easy to use solutions for retaining walls.


Our vision is to make retaining walls accessible for everybody whilst giving anyone the ability to design and install their own retaining wall.


Our values are to provide an outstanding customer and product experience from start to finish for everybody and every project. We will do this by combining our strong industry knowledge with our passion for creating high-quality products for retaining walls.

Our Experience.

Notwood was born after our team saw the need for accessible retaining walls across Australia, We recognized the need to empower homeowners with the ability to create their own retaining walls without relying on expensive contractors and machinery. Drawing from our extensive 20 years of experience in the concrete sleeper industry, we’ve refined our skills to provide quality sleepers with a simplified installation process. This means you can kick off your DIY concrete retaining wall project at a fraction of the usual cost.

Supported by our parent company, Outback Sleepers, Notwood distinguishes itself through a dedicated commitment to quality, variety, and value in the concrete sleeper market. Our products not only ensure easy installation but also present a range of options to cater to any budget and aesthetic preference.

Our process is remarkably straightforward. To kick things off, just head over to the DIY Wall Creator. Enter your project requirements, and voila! A comprehensive list and plan for your wall will be sent to your email and via SMS for your convenience. Once armed with this detailed quote, all that remains is a visit to your nearest stockist. There, you can effortlessly acquire everything you need for your retaining wall project and bring it home. It’s that easy!

Explore our range today and experience why Notwood is the trusted choice for homeowners in Adelaide and across Australia for their DIY retaining wall needs.

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