Steel Posts

Steel Posts.

NOTWOOD’s purposely designed Steel Posts are integral to the NOTWOOD system and allows you to build your retaining with ease and simplicity.

The NOTWOOD Retaining Wall system is so DIY friendly that we’ll even calculate what size and type of Steel Posts you require to construct YOUR retaining wall. 

Head to the DIY Wall Creator to obtain pricing and get started on designing your retaining wall!

Hot Dipped Galvanised to provide longevity.

Holes positioned specifically for use with Notwood’s Component Kits.

Available in lengths of 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and 750mm.

Dimensions (Sectional): 76 x 51 x 2mm

Available in I Column, C Channel and Corner Channel.

Installation Is as Easy as...

the DIY Wall Creator
Use the DIY Wall Creator to design your retaining wall and let us calculate what you need!
Get Our DIY Wall Creator Products
Have a list of products emailed and/or texted to you
Notwood Products from Your Nearest Supplier
Purchase your NOTWOOD products from your nearest Supplier (Pick Up or get it Delivered)
Follow our Installation Guide, and voila!

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DIY Wall Creator
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